Oh that I had wings like a Dove For then I would Fly away and be at rest.
psalm 55:6



Site Help


The best site portrayal will result with
the Netscape Browser communicator 4.0 and higher
or Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0.

Download Netscape

Download Explorer

The best view results will be obtained when the predefined
site script requirements are used. These are installed in every Browser.
Only when you have deactivated the site script requirements
you will have to reset your browser to the original configuration
by following the next steps:

Netscape 4.x

In the menu Edit open the dialogue box Preferences.
Under Appearance press Fonts
Activate the control box Use Page-Specified
Fonts, including Dynamic Fonts.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.x

In the menu Extras open the dialogue box Internet Options
Under General Information you will find Entry Help
Ignore Fonts on Webside and Ignore Type Size on Webside
has to be deactivated.

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